Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why aren't there classes like this in Denver?

I subscribe to a number of blogs.  One of them is Whipstich Fabrics a fabric shop in Atlanta which also offers classes.  I discovered it through Motherhood Uncensored's post which mentions Whipstitch and where her daughter took a sewing class.

Whipstich Fabrics sends out a newsletter which includes her upcoming classes.  Here are twoI would love to take:

1 - Sewing Knits without a Serger.  Self-explanatory and only $145 (two sessions) a bargain in my book.

2 - Patternmaking.  Learn to draft a pattern for that outfit you have in your head but can't find a pattern for.  $185 for three sessions PLUS the text (I didn't get a lot of of this book but it could have been because you need someone to explain it.  Read my review here.)

So why aren't there classes like these in Denver?

source: Wren


Jill said...

Is that your craft kitty?
Is that your sewing machine!?
Maybe Denver is still too cow town. Beats me, I'd sign up in a New York minute for any of those classes.
p.s. I wanna go to the Sewing Summit.

Jill said...

I've started to blog again. So, come on, get going!