Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Talk about orchids ...

One of my very favorite blogs to read is The Lazy Organizer. Oh my heck; she kills me. She has a wonderful regular post on Tuesdays called "Talk About Tuesday!" Clever, eh? Anyway(s) [for the StL crowd] TAT is "a blog carnival where [bloggers] write a post of something [they] want to share or talk about and link them all together here on [Lazy's] blog. It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers and make connections in the blogosphere." It reminds me of show & tell. So without further ado ...


Where to begin ... my paternal grandmother raised/grew orchids at her home in small town IL. I didn't really pay much attention to them unless there was a bloom & only then if there was a smell. (An amazing amount of orchids have no smell.)
My father had a number of said orchids in our basement in a StL suburbia. It was a very elaborate set-up. I wish I had a picture. Imagine a dank, dark basement, the walls covered with heavy duty clear plasic and two sets of grow lights over a wooden tray Pop had built about 4'x12'. Along the top of this were hoses that had wholes where the water would come out in a mist. (Yes - I tried to find the official name but to no avail.) My brother & I were asked to turn on the water now & then. But no appeal to me whatsoever.

Many years pass ... Pop retired from his job & moved to IL. He brought his remaining orchids to me when I lived in KC. Shortly thereafter I moved to CO and gave the few pots I had to a friend. Pop came to visit me in the big house (i.e. has a yard) and gave me the last remaining orchid. I promptly let it die.

Dad visited this past Spring & we drove to Louisville to check out Fantasy Orchids. He graciously bought me my first orchid, Potinara Creation 'Summer Choice.'

Beautiful isn't it?

A few moons pass and Dad visited again. On a lovely September Saturday we decided to head back up to the orchid shop to have the orchid repotted. That didn't need to happen & I left with three new plants. Oh my heavens!

Blc. Anna Balmores 'Convex'

Blc. Edgard Stars 'Yen'

I thought it might be appropriate to finally watch the DVD that we'd purchased earlier. Very helpful & interesting. I loved my new acquisitions and even brought them to work to show off the beautiful blooms. What a dork I am!

The new & improved Blc. Dora Louise Capen 'Lea'

Two weeks later ... Dora & Yen weren't quite growing right. Dora's blooms were quickly fading after being open less than a week and one of Yen's leaves was turning black. I was very worried and took another trip up there to find out what was up! Yen was OK. Not a very good bloomer & sometimes the leaves die off; yet no worries. Dora - problem plant - Fantasty Orchids generously exchanged my first plant for the one pictured. Gorgeous, fragrant 6" bloom! Loving it!

And I came home with one more.

Den. Ladda 'Mini Pink'

Oh the loveliness of the blooms, the heady fragrances in the kitchen. Could I be any happier? (maybe with a new puppy to walk *Do you see a theme building?*)

Needless to say I was on the wagon for a whole 5 weeks. I fell off this past Saturday. In my defense I needed to have Dora repotted and just tell me who can't bring another beauty home!

I won't tell how many I bought...

Or how much money I spent... (It's funny how I can't bring myself to spend the $$ for a iTouch but sure no problem for orchids - priorities.) BTW my love I didn't spend the same amount as an iTouch.

Or how long I spent creating a very DORKY spreadsheet to track my purchases & their blooming habits. Don't worry, you'll see it soon I fear.

I'll post more pictures when I have some blooms. Too bad there is no smell feature on blogs.


The Lazy Organizer said...

I'm thinking we will have smelling computers soon. They are all beautiful!!! I have a few house plants but only the ones that can live severe drought conditions survive. I'm not good with indoor plants.

Jen said...

They're beautiful! So glad you're blogging.