Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Commitment issues

In my dating past I had some commitment issues. If a prospective boy didn't live at least over 4 hours away they weren't eligible for the position. I use to keep "boyfriends" at arms length (more accurately 200+ miles). I've worked through these issues. *mostly* Now I have a wonderful man who graciously leaves me for a week at a time. (He'll tell you that I whine all week about being alone. It's not whining just stating facts usually in an argument for a dog.) I will admit the first day & a half are nice - sorry my love. So I have transferred these issues to my blog reading habits. Or perhaps I'm just a voyeur at heart ...

OK ... I am really going to commit to this blog. I love blogs - other people's blogs. Their lives seem so interesting. I read a TON of blogs weekly and about 5 or 6 daily. I love the idea of blogging & documenting but what do I really have to say ... we don't have children to gab on about or pets or even any interesting habits. So I am going to begin by taking a picture every day & jotting down my thoughts about it. (Most of these aforementioned pictures will be of my yard, beware.)

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