Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Top 5 Favorite Blogs

1 – Dooce Written by Heather Armstrong.

She posts almost daily about her life with her husband & daughter. She also includes a daily photo, a daily photo of the dog, Chuck, and a daily style photo. I've really enjoyed the style photos & have used her ideas as a springboard. She posted a picture of her faux wedding ring & I loved the nail polish she had on. Not too long after she posted the info about the nail polish. I went to the store & promptly picked a shade pinker.

2 – The Lazy Organizer Written by Lara Galagher.

She posts about her lazy organizing habits which aren't really lazy at all. I think they are very creative. She posts about her kids, her crazy life, homeschooling & her attempts to eat raw, be more punctual, & improve her habits. Great photography too! Oh – she also responds promptly to her readers. Love her!

3 – Mandajuice Written by Amanda Who?

She posts mostly about her trials & laughs of her kids. She also has a great series about her journey through gastric bypass surgery. I also like her "What's for dinner?" sidebar. I've tried a few of her recipes & have been very pleased. She is also great on responding to her readers comments. BTW – did I mention she's writing a book?!? Wow. I can't wait to read it.

4 – The Pioneer Woman Written by Ree Drummond.

I LOVE her website. First of all, it is beautiful; so clean but colorful & not too busy. Second, the recipes – oh my heck – the recipes are fantastic. There hasn't been one thing that I've made that isn't divine. And her humor … I think we are cousins separated by a family feud. Did I mention her photography? I didn't? Well she has some awesome photos & very helpful tutorials. Yea Ree!

5 – From Single to Married Written by Tabitha Who?

This is the only blog on this list that I read through RSS. To be honest, I find her website a bit busy. However, I really love the content. She has a series of posts about her wedding, honeymoon, conception journey, and my favorite, her posts about her city Washington D.C. All of her photos are top notch. And I love seeing Tabitha's name in the comment section on The Pioneer Woman.

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