Thursday, November 6, 2008

America's 10 Coolest Libraries

I know I keep writing this ... I am a dork ... for sure ... no turning back, EVER.

I receive a daily email (Library Link of the Day) which provides a link to something about libraries. How cool is that! Everyday a little email telling me about something in library-land. Yahoo!

Now I admit, not every email is very interesting. But again everyday an email about what I love!

Yesterday's email included a link to MSN's City Guide: America's 10 Coolest libraries. Check this out! (Don't skip the slide-show.) Amazing pictures of libraries! Heaven!

For follow up reading see if your local library has Heart of the Community : the Libraries we Love.

A fantastic book of 80 libraries nominated by their communities. It includes beautiful pictures, great stories & histories of libraries and my #1 favorite library - JCL in OP, KS.

Don't wait. Run to the library. Check out this book. Or better yet take a picture of your library and post it to flickr. If you are in Missouri join this group: Missouri Libraries, Librarians, Events, etc. Flickr has other states too (at least Kansas.)

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